In With A Bang, Out With A Whimper

Kourtney's whale hat couldn't protect her wrist

Be honest, she wasn't lasting long anyway

I’m going to be blunt, after the past few seasons, the bar is pretty low for Survivor.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very interesting show, but redemption island and returning players was killing it quickly.  That’s why I was looking forward to tonight since I heard about the format at Survivor: One World.

Once the initial awkward entry was over it – you know, when Probst suddenly has no clue who anyone is and calls people out by their appearance – it was time to break the news to the tribes.  They were to be split up by men versus women, and they had a short time to grab supplies from the truck they came in on.  The supplies part was kind of weird considering most seasons they are just boated in with nothing, so I’m not sure what to make of that, but already the game play began with one guy stealing shit from the girls pile.

It was pretty clever to have them walk in different paths to end up at the same spot, all in the same camp, but the castaways didn’t seem as amused by that.  Initially the tribes broke off into their respective players, but there were a few who just couldn’t resist the calling from the other tribe being so close.  Colton Cumbie instantly put a target on his back by spending more time with the women than the men, and it appears Christina Cha really pissed off Alicia Rosa for doing the same.

What the teams noticed was a few chickens running around, and tried to be civil by guaranteeing a split regardless who caught them.  Well, when country girl Chelsea caught two right away, she instantly reneged on that deal. This set the tone on how the tribes will be this season as they share one little area between 18 players.

I’m boring myself with the play by play, so here is a basic rundown of how the show went tonight…

  • It’s obvious that Matt Quinlan and Alicia Rosa will be getting the bulk of the airtime this season. I hope you enjoy seeing the jock and Eva Longoria w/o makeup.
  • The guys decided to claim a piece of nature and play hardball when it came to fire. Naturally, when they were sleeping, Christina and Monica Culpepper swooped in and snatched it up.
  • Leif Manson is a badass, but is it wrong of me to think of him as an ant when I saw him holding up like 10x his body weight?
  • Sabrina Thompson found the immunity idol (they really have to hide those better), but with shitty luck. It turns out she found the guys idol and was forced to give it to one of the Manolo members before tribal council (she chose Colton).
  • The first challenge of the season basically lasted about 2 minutes until Kourtney Moon fell awkwardly and broke her wrist in a few places. She was removed from the challenge which gave the guys an option. Continue the challenge at 9 versus 8, or accept a forfeit.  Naturally, the guys wanted to win with pride, so they.. accepted a forfeit.  Congrats on the hard fought victory, fellas.
  • Tribal council looks like it will be very interesting when the girls are there.  They were getting very feisty, especially when Alicia was going off on Christina.
  • Kourtney was removed from the game due to her injury, so Jeff decided to let the girls go at each other first just to spice things up.  Very sneaky boy.

It was a pretty good first episode that looks like it holds a lot of promise for the season.  I think tribal councils will actually be interesting, and we may see the return of the blindside (remember that tactic?  I know, it’s been a long time).  What are your thoughts on the first episode?

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