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Christina Cha competes on Survivor One WorldEvery season on Survivor, there is always at least one episode where they become extremely obnoxious trying to promote one of their sponsors.  At least it’s not as bad as “The Biggest Loser” where they promote 2-3 things per episode, but when they do it, they do it hard.

This episode, we were lucky enough to be treated to non-stop talk of 7-Up through the first 30 or so minutes.  I have to admit, I didn’t even know 7-Up was still in business, so it’s pretty smart to allow the cast of Survivor to drink it.  I mean if you want to make a product seem good, give it to a bunch of people who have been eating dirt for the past 20 days.

When the game wasn’t revolved around the product placement, it was actually a pretty good episode.  Kim is clearly taking control of things and is an easy favorite to be in the final 3 right now.  She’s the best player remaining in the game and there isn’t even a close second.  The only thing that will stop her from winning is if the remaining people got together and collectively put together some type of strategy. However, I don’t think that would even work because one of those people would be Tarzan, who thinks Chelsea is annoyed at him because she had a botched surgery before.  Right, it has nothing to do with putting your dirty stinky bottoms in with her clean clothes.

The only remaining player who seems to be doing any type of thinking is Jay, surprisingly.  He went into the game kind of ditzy, but seems to be the only one aware of the girls quietly taking control of the game.  However, that’s about the extent of it because instead of doing something about it, he simply sat back and even voted for Mike to go home. Well played, Jay.  Well played.

While these aren’t exactly the type of episodes that leave us on the edge of our seat, after a few snoozefest seasons, I’ll take what I can get at this point.

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