Is That A Bulge In Your Pocket Or Are You Happy To Go To Tribal?


So Survivor is back, and this is probably the least interested in the show that I’ve ever been. Obviously it sounds bad coming from a Survivor blogger, but the rinse and repeat style of bringing people back, having a few ‘crazy’ or ‘nerds’ scattered among models, actors or has-been celebs is getting a bit old.

I am not alone, despite the theory that people are not watching simply because they changed the name, the theme is becoming stale and repetitive.  While I agree sometimes I miss an episode because of name change, if I really wanted to watch the show, I’d remember to set the recording.  Ratings for last night’s episode were only slightly higher than the premiere, so either people are just incredibly lazy, or the show is stale.  I vote for the latter.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the last two shows.  While stale, it still has redeeming qualities of social interaction unlike any other on TV.  Sure, some things are silly, like forcing Cochran to wear a sweater vest (he said he never owned one, and was told to wear it last time he was on), but characters are real and lack of food/sleep can really turn a normal situation into uncomfortable moments.  Toss in characters like Phillip, and you have a show that still picks up nearly 10 million viewers despite the complete predictability each episode heads.

Let’s be honest, did anyone think Francesca was not going home the second she said “If I’m voted out first for the second time, I’ll eat this rock”?  Right away I knew the veterans at the very least lost the challenge, and it was going to come down to Francesca and someone else.  The someone else?  Andrea due to the guy with serious woman issues (Brandon) steering the way once again.  I can’t remember who called him a sociopath, but I think that may have been spot on.  Seeing as Survivor is the lead-in to Criminal Minds, how many times have we seen a Brandon Hantz type on that show?   The young guy full of rage who can never live up to standards his family set, so he lashes out and then is instantly remorseful.   That’s like every other criminal on that show.

Old picture, still relevant

With all that said, it’s hard not to root for the guy, I don’t know why.  Probably the same way Criminal Minds sometimes makes you sympathetic for the abused person who just slaughtered a bunch of people. Brandon is constantly compared to his uncle, and they were so disappointed in his season, most of his family didn’t even show to the reunion episode.  The only reason Russell did was basically to trash Brandon, and get more airtime of course.  I honestly feel bad for the kid who really seems like a good person deep down with some serious issues on the surface.

pippiMoving on, let’s talk about the fans for a minute. What kind of people did they cast?  You have the stereotypical angry black marine, Pippi Longstocking, the possible gay guy, the freaky looking yet well spoken guy, the ‘cool kids’, and a bunch of blondes I’ve yet to really tell apart.

I see the girls bashing the other girls yet have no clue who the hell they’re talking about because they all look the same.  Note: to the girls at the ‘cool kids’ table, you’re not any more or less prettier than the rest of the cast.  Don’t act like you won’t be forgotten 2 minutes after you’re voted out.

Because of the terribly generic casting for the fans, I’m having a hard time rooting for them yet, and will be pulling for the favorites mostly because I’m familiar with them… except Corinne.  I just had to look up info on her because I completely forgot who she is, and apparently she’s the girl who gave the nasty speech to ‘Sugar’ at jury during her season.  I watched that entire season, it was the first one in HD and it’s when Bob won.  However, even after watching her speech, I still don’t remember her from the show.   She had to be like 5th choice from cast members from that season, right?

I didn’t even get to the actual episode last night.  Let’s just say, it was another one where someone ‘randomly’ found the immunity idol (seriously, hide them better), and it put a tiny wrinkle of drama during tribal council but not enough to really do anything.  One of the blondes were voted out, so maybe I’ll be able to start telling the remaining three apart.

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