Never Challenge A Woman’s Memory

survivor one world competitionIt’s been a long, hard season for the women on Survivor: One World so far, and it’s only like 5 days in.  They went into the episode not winning a single challenge, and things looked grim early on when a storm rolled in and left them absolutely miserable throughout the night.  They tried to play it tough and stick it through the night, but the next morning they swallowed their pride and warmed up by the guys fire.

The funny part about it, they learned something valuable here.  The guys are a bunch of pushovers.  There were nearly both tribes standing under a tarp next to the fire while the guys looked around like they were annoyed but didn’t want to say anything about it.  I know, in the real world, I’d let anyone stand near a fire I built to warm up all day long, but in a game with a million dollars on the line, it was hilarious to see the guys do absolutely nothing about it.

It got even better when the reward challenge came and the women actually dominated.  It was a simple memory test, and the guys didn’t stand a chance.  Even with Kat taking about 7 times to guess right, the women still destroyed the guys and were able to win a boat with some fishing equipment.  So what did the girls do when they got back to camp?  They went back to the guys camp, got some fire, dried up some more and then refused to let them use their newly won boat!    What did the guys do?  Just bitched to the camera in private.  Well played, boys.

On comes the immunity challenge which was another one of the blindfold, guide and laugh segments.  It’s always great to see people waving their hands in the air as they walk full speed into poles… yes, I enjoy cheap humor.   Bill was calling the teams for the men, and Sabrina the women.  The catch, at the end of the guiding, the callers had to put together a very easy puzzle that Bill made look incredibly difficult.  I mean the pieces were in 2 colors, and very obviously weren’t going to be side by side, so once you found a part that fit, it eliminated half the remaining pieces.

Sabrina cruised through it like you’d expect a person to do, while Bill blew a roughly 8 minute lead trying to figure things out.  The women, who went into the night not winning a challenge, swept the night and momentum has clearly swung in their favor.  The guys on the other hand, were now set to hit their first tribal council of the season.

It became very obvious right away that it was going to be between Bill and G.I. Joe (Matt), and the alliance of misfits suddenly bonded together and actually had some numbers in the game.  I know the three are definitely Colton, and the two zan’s, I saw Jay in there, but I couldn’t tell if Leif and/or Jonas was a part of it or not.  It wasn’t that interesting of an episode to have me pay attention that much, and Colton’s whining about everything was quickly getting on my nerves.

Matt learned that no amount of confidence can protect you when you don’t have the votes in your favor, and I learned that women simply don’t forget things…. ever!

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