Colton Cumbie Had A Bacterial Infection, Not Appendicitis

colton cumbie left with a bacterial infectionNow that the dust has settled on one of the most disliked Survivor contestants – Colton Cumbie – being removed from the game due to medical reasons, his exit interviews are coming in, and they’re probably more interesting than his regular interviews.

Regarding the pain
It turned out that Colton had a severe bacterial infection, and never ended up having his appendix removed.  He told zap2it

“I’m obviously 100% better. What happened was I was taken to a hopsital where they determined it was a severe bacterial infection. They gave me a round of antibiotics, I got back to the States and I had to do another round of antibiotics. They thought it might still be appendicitis when I got back to the States, but I still have my appendix.”

I’m glad to see he is ok, I really am. I don’t like anyone leaving the game for medical reasons, as I seen it happen to one of my favorite all time players a few times.  Whether you’re a good guy, or a dirty player, everyone should leave the game through a vote or as the winner.  I hate seeing anyone leave any other way, whether they’re forever branded as quitters (looking at you, Naonka and Kelly Shinn), or especially through injury.

I think Colton deserved nothing less than to be completely blindsided and knocked down a few pegs, but it never happened and this injury robbed us of that.  To be fair, I’m not really sure any of the remaining players had the guts or brains to pull that together.

Not turning over the idol
This is something I do feel slightly bad about. Colton was certainly victimized by poor editing as he did want to give the idol away, but according to The Insider, he wanted to give it away to Jay, who was on the other tribe.  Sure, he could have given it to Alicia, but apparently the cameras didn’t show the close friendship he had with Jay.  Colton did not want the idol to eventually come back and haunt his good friend, and for that I can understand.

I am torn on the producers not allowing him to give the idol to Jay.  This whole season was based on the premise of “One World” where we looked forward to opposing tribe members having secret alliances. They also allowed something crazy, for the guys to just hand over their team idol after they’d won it.  Sure, this was one week when the two tribes were completely separate, but I still don’t really agree on the decision.

On Being Mean
After reading some of his comments, I almost applaud his effort, despite still being incredibly obnoxious.  His goal on the guys tribe was to literally be their queen, and that’s what he was doing.  He sat there, didn’t lift a finger, but for some reason he had full control before the swap.  He did so by playing like a Russell or Rob in a very controlling way, and those who were just there to get a little fame easily bought into it.  It’s the reason he spoke to Christina the way he did, simply to put fear into the rest of the tribe.

Coming out of it, my hope is that people would appreciate my game play. Let’s be honest, a little 20-year-old gay boy convincing a group of men to do what he wanted, without ever lifting a finger? They’ve never had anyone like me. It would be one thing if I helped out at camp, but I did nothing. I literally was their queen.

Could he have taken a different approach?  I think so.  Rob was very controlling but charming, Russell was controlling while … hmm, Russell was pretty bad now that I think about it.  He was also incredibly lucky at times, unlike Rob who literally had his tribe locked down air tight.

Did the editing make him look bad?
According to Colton, everything you seen was true, but the editing definitely didn’t help.  It’s not like they forced him to say mean things, but they left out a lot of his strategizing, and mentioning that was his game plan going in.  He knows he did a good job making himself look bad, and has learned a bit from it, but he also stands by a lot of things he said.

To his credit, some questions were kind of trap questions.  I personally hate when the question is used “Do you have any black friends” to prove you’re not racist.  It’s a no-win situation.  You can either say ‘Yes’ and start naming a few people off which looks strange, or you can say ‘No’ and appear you don’t because you hate them.  I don’t have any black friends, but that’s because I don’t have many friends at all haha. People generally don’t once they leave high school or college.  I don’t have any alien friends either, but it doesn’t mean I hate aliens!

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