Kim’s Domination Of Survivor:One World Concludes

Kim wins survivor one worldThe marathon season finale of Survivor typically goes in one of two ways.. One is with plenty of drama and suspense, and the other has almost none of that.  Sadly, for Survivor:One World, it was definitely the latter.

Kim Spradlin, the 29 year old bridal shop owner, had this game so tightly wrapped that she was still leading two separate alliances heading into the final 5 tribal council.  The funny part is that everyone at tribal seemed to be well aware of Kim’s double dipping, but fought for her vote instead of realizing they’re fighting for second place (Although to be fair, in Alicia’s thick head, I’m sure she felt she was leading the alliance, but if you’re reading this, you weren’t). That was the domination of Kim’s season, and something that doesn’t happen very often. To be in two alliances, have everyone pretty much know, and still make it out alive shows just how powerful of a player she was.

While that was great for Kim, it was bad for viewers as it was probably the most boring episode, and definitely the most boring season finale I’ve seen on the show to date. Out of the 120 minutes of show, there was probably suspense for about 5 minutes when Kim and Christina were fighting for the final immunity idol.  Even that was curbed with the reality of the complete lack of strategy talk from the remaining four women.  If Christina won, you felt like she was still going to take Kim while securing a third place finish instead of fourth.   It didn’t even come to that as Kim won her 4th immunity idol in the final 5 chances to secure the million dollars and just had to figure out who gets the second and third place prize money.

The final jury questioning, which can sometimes be the one redeemable quality of an otherwise boring finale was one of the strangest and most awkward I’ve seen yet. Half the people didn’t even seem to ask any questions, like Tarzan who went off on some speech about his wife stepping foot on the island, and Kat telling people about her heart surgery and pleading to the jury for a Kim vote. The two biggest chances for some entertainment were Alicia and Troyzan, and while Alicia spent her time praising the best person in Survivor history (herself), Troy asked Kim a very stupid question and said it will decide his vote.  (I don’t even remember the question, it was that pointless… like “What made you vote me out” or something like that).

Like Troyzan’s season, he felt his vote meant more than it actually did and he was going to have an influence on the outcome.  He didn’t. His question, like his time on the show ended up to be a blip on the radar of Survivor history as Kim won easily with a 7-2 vote.  If anything, it made him appear more bitter and self centered than he already appeared throughout the season.  Kim dominated Troyzan just like she dominated each and every member this season. It wasn’t even close.  Alicia may have felt it was her game, Colton may have felt the same, but it wasn’t, and never was.

Survivor: One World will be remembered by two things… is Colton’s pure ignorance in life, and the second is that it was completely dominated by a 29 year old bridal shop owner from Texas.

Congratulations for the win, Kim Spradlin. You certainly deserved it.

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