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From Steve:

I’d like to introduce my occasional guest writer, Rathe.  He is a Survivor fan and may be more passionate about the show than I am, so I wanted to give him an outlet to express his opinions when something on the show gets him going.  Here is his first piece…

Today’s 7-up hangman blog puzzle is  K T  F  HT!!!

Kim might have finally made her first strategical mistake tonight by not picking Kat for the reward picnic.  Troy was ultimately sent home but Kim allowed Troyzan the opportunity to plant those seeds of unrest in Kat’s head.  Time will tell if they will grow but the previews for next week certainly indicate things will no longer be smooth sailing for the ladies of Tikiano.

Does anyone else think the producers sat around a table thinking about how to get ratings up and came up with: oil Chelsea up?

Chelsea from survivor oiled up

This should help ratings. Oil up the women!

I think my favorite player tonight had to be the wild pig.  I could just hear the Benny Hill theme song as the tribe chased it around with a rope, axe, and Tarzan’s stained briefs.

Troyzan chasing around a pig

The pig has more charisma than Troyzan

These next few episodes are traditionally my favorite ones to watch.  The alliances that got the remaining folks to where they are currently will be exposed for what they really are.  Big moves need to be made by the folks at the bottom if they want any opportunity to claim their shot at one million dollars.


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