Shocker – This Season Of Survivor: Philippines Is Actually Pretty Good

I know this is only my second post on the season of Survivor: Philippines, but that’s pretty much because I’ve been losing interest in the show in recent years.  The casting has been horrendous, with weak personalities who instantly idolize returning players and let them dominate.  Last season, they matched up a bunch of fit, smart girls against some of the worst male players of all time, and it was predictable just a few weeks in what would happen.

While there are definitely a decent amount of dopes, there have been some interesting players this year to balance things out. Let’s go through the list of some highlights…

Abi-Maria Gomes

Abi-Maria Gomes has been an interesting character this year.  For one, I can’t recall the last time I heard anyone on the show with such a deep foreign accent.  I know it’s a random thing to point out, but we have been treated to a mix of either well spoken, southern, or pretty dumb over the past few seasons.  It gives a little realism to hear someone who wasn’t born in America.   Of course her accent isn’t the biggest thing, her biggest feature is her crazy personality.  It was hilarious to watch her go from trusting ally to batshit crazy with RC in a matter of only like two episodes.  I still don’t even really understand why she hates RC so much, and I don’t even think she really does.  Maybe all the rain turned her a bit nuts.

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Artis Silvester

When it comes to Artis, people probably didn’t even think he’d rank as an interesting character on the show, but don’t sleep on him.  He has the real potential to be Abi-like crazy as the season progresses.  We’ve already seen bits and pieces like during the reward challenge when the team was asked if they all agreed on a trade for rice, and Artis just sat back fuming.  By his reaction, you’d think he was asked to volunteer to leave the show and give up a chance to win, especially considering he had a vote but chose to just sit back and be angry.  That’s the type of stuff to look for if you want to find a loose cannon.  I expect more blowouts from Artis as the season continues.

Carter Williams

Carter gets the nod to be on the list simply because every time I watch him, I have no clue if he realizes where he is or not.  I know it’s an obscure reference, but if anyone has seen the show “Life’s Too Short”, Carter gives me a huge vibe of the assistant girl who is just clueless. I can see Carter on some sitcom as some guy who just constantly gets things wrong and puts himself into awkward situations because of it.

Denise Stapley

I don’t know what it is about Denise that makes her go on my list, but it probably has something to do with being a sex therapist, 41, and build like a female brick house.  I could tell from day 1 that this girl had potential to kick ass in challenges, but felt she was probably going to get the boot over the barbie girls because she’s the stereotypical ‘old lady’ this season.  Screw that, Denise would probably kick the ass of half the guys on the show, let alone the girls.   She’s like a lot less annoying version of that old farmer lady who felt the need to hang on endurance challenges after she won to prove something.  Denise had the same opportunity, but you know what she did?  She jumped off.  Why?  Because she knows she’s bad-ass and doesn’t need to prove anything to the rest of the cast.  If anything, doing that only puts a target on her head.  Denise and smart and underrated and probably someone I want to see in the finals next to….

Malcolm Freberg

I don’t know why I’m rooting for Malcolm as much as I am, but it’s possibly because he quickly became the underdog thanks to a terrible team, yet survived a forced merge and become well respected on his new tribe.  In addition to that, he hasn’t been cocky and appears his sneaky alliance with Denise is still going strong despite his little side deals with the rest.  If he has a chance to save Denise and pulls it off, and they both sit at the end, I’ll be absolutely thrilled with the results.  If he turns on Denise, he’ll end up being king douche.  We’ll see what happens with Malcolm as the season plays out.

Jeff Kent

I originally had low hopes for Jeff Kent.  I thought he was going to just be a douchebag celeb who didn’t really care about the game, but he has won me over. When he was playing baseball, I heard rumors about him being not very well liked in his clubhouse, so I think I automatically assumed he would be an ass.  Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but damn you have to give the guy credit for playing his ass off this season.  The guy wrecked his knee the first few minutes of the season, yet never mentions it and keeps chugging along.  He is committed to getting rid of the veterans, which I also agree with, although for some reason he seems to be backing down on that.

Honorable Mentions:

Blaire – aka Lisa Whelchel –   It’s hilarious nobody recognizes her, and sad she lost all her money from The Facts Of Life, but until this week at least she has been super dull.  She’s nothing like her character, and growing up watching that show, I demand more Blaire and less Lisa!   Blaire wouldn’t jump in the water in a one piece bathing suit that looks like something from an 80 year olds closet… actually, scratch that, she probably would.  Is Lisa just a less bitchy version of Blaire??

Zane Knight – This guy has potential to be very entertaining simply because he has the Abi-crazy vibe going on.  I can easily see tuning in every week to see what type of crazy things Zane says or does, so it’s really a shame he got the boot so early.  It’s the tragedy of the season.

Sarah Dawson – She was a non player until her exit and then I wish she stuck around for the entire season.  The way she banged Jeff Probst with her eyes as she was removing her from the game was a huge mix of erotic, freaky, and scary at the same time.  I am beginning to wonder if production ended up finding Dawson cutting a picture of Jeff into her arm and conspired to get her out of the game for his safety.

Jeff’s future stalker

Anyway, if this post gets a decent amount of interest, I will probably bang out some more this season.  It has been a pretty enjoyable show, and definite kudos to the casting department this year. domain name search owner

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