Survivor: Philippines – Here We Go, Season Begins Tonight

survivor: philippines

I feel like a neglectful blogger.  All summer I was hammering away at Big Brother 14, and even seeing tons and tons of promos for Survivor:Philippines, yet I continued to stick with Big Brother and not even prepare this blog for the season premiere tonight at 8pm est!   I’m doing my first post on the new season just an hour prior to the premiere, talk about slack city.

I haven’t been able to do profiles yet, and all I know is the guy who nearly died giving 100% is going to give 110% this year, which I assume means he will actually die this time.  In addition, you have the girl from The Facts Of Life, which shouldn’t be awkward at all seeing her about 20 years after the show aired.  Also, you have Barry Bonds major nemesis in Jeff Kent.  Those have been three of the most promoted survivor castaways this season, so I have a feeling we’re going to get a heavy dose of them tonight.   I know there are two other returning castaways, but based on the promos during Big Brother commercial breaks, be prepared for a lot of Jeff Kent.

And another confession, I haven’t taken a look at a single newbie so far.  This summer has been so busy, I have no idea what type of cast we’ll see this season.  Prior years I had guesses on where they’ll end up, and felt like I practically knew the people before the season started, but I decided I’m going to go in blind and take it from there.  I’ll gather first impressions and then spend the next week dissecting each player from who I think will win to which female will most likely get the largest portion of airtime due to the skimpiest bikini.   Speaking of, let’s hope they don’t kill us with blurs this season, although they probably will.   “Oh no, her bikini bottoms are slightly out of place and her cheek is showing, BLUR IT NOW!

So with that said, due to Big Brother, the season premiere blog is going to be quite dull, but I know I’ll do a lot of fun stuff assuming things pick up and it’s a fun season to watch.

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