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survivor one world castUsing Kat’s age logic, being 33 I should be in a retirement home instead of blogging about the episode tonight, but I’ll somehow try to push through considering it’s been a few weeks since my last post.

Since I last checked in, the girls have been dominating Survivor like you’d read about. The remaining male tribe worked together about as congress when passing a bill, so it’s no surprise they were pegged off one by one until the lone wolf, Tarzan, remained just waiting for his turn. It was pretty funny to watch the lack of charisma someone like Troyzan had where he couldn’t even convince the bottom of the totem pole that they were the bottom and will be gone soon. He had the passion, but that’s about it, and it’s why he watches on from the jury now.

Now, you have Kim running the show, Christina and Tarzan trying REAL hard to stay under the radar, Alicia running around like it’s her camp, and the rest just kind of there. While I’d like to pretend it’s going to be interesting to see how the last few episodes will play out, the only situation I can see is Kim taking Alicia and possibly Christina and the rest just getting picked off.

Why Christina?  While she has somehow managed to stay under the radar, is in way over her head, and has shown absolutely no ability to play with any sort of skill so far. Even a disgruntled jury would have a hard time voting for Christina over someone like Kim.  Alicia, well that’s a tough one, and it may be a mistake Kim makes at the end.  While she may be delusional, the jury is full of people who are dumb enough to be there, and could easily fall for some speech about how she was pulling the strings while making Kim look like the bad guy.  Would it be true?  No… does it matter?  Not with this crew.

The only real upset I can see is if the girls get so overconfident that Tarzan is such a non-threat, they take him to the final 4 and he ends up somehow winning that final challenge. That would be hilarious and fantastic to see, but it won’t happen.  He won’t win if he gets to the final 4.  It just won’t happen.  If he did, may as well start writing him a check because you have 5 very disgruntled male jury members waiting to vote for him.

Random notes:

– I could finish this blog by going off on Kat for being selfish about her decision tonight, but let’s not forget that Alicia and Kim were just as selfish. Both of them could have easily passed up the chance to go in favor of someone else, I’ve seen it happen.  Kat was dumb for picking those two, but all three were equally selfish.  Just a little note on that.  I just didn’t want to see one person take the full blame for all three.

– Why do people act like they haven’t seen their family in 3 years every reunion show?  Each cast member has been vetted for many mental tests, yet they all break down to tears when they haven’t seen a family member for a month?  I haven’t seen my parents in about 3 weeks now, but don’t expect to burst out in tears this weekend when I see them.

– Anyone notice the previews that Tarzan is wearing Kat’s bikini bottoms on his head?  I don’t even know what to think about that.  I am kind of creeped out but also respect the power move at the same time.  It’s like putting the heads of your enemies on a stake to warn future enemies.  Those girls now know that he’ll be all up in their panties as soon as they leave, and it has to be in their head now.

– Someone really has to fire the person in charge of censoring episodes. Immediately.  One shot you see the girls from behind, each butt is blurred out, then a minute later the same shot is there with no blur, and nothing TO blur. The same with Kat and her chest. One scene it’s blurred, the next it’s not, and she’s in the same exact position.  Did something magically jump out of her bikini top and then back in a second later?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s too distracting to see blurry things.  Blur out slips, but let’s not act like the show is on at 11am on the Disney channel.  Butt’s don’t need to be blurred.

I’ll try to check in next week if it’s another good episode, hope you enjoyed the read!

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