The Last Of The Zan’s

tarzan aka greg smith

Will this be Tarzan's last stand?

It’s hard to believe this is the second to last episode of Survivor: One World.  While Sunday’s finale will feature the terribly boring walk around the island putting out fires and talking about people they hardly remember (Kourtney Moon anyone?), I’ll spare people the trouble.  The season featured a bunch of early nobodies, a man versus woman feature that was quickly scrapped yet remained as part of the strategy, a gay republican, and a group of male players that had almost no gameplay ability.

As the season winds down to six, typically it’s when things start heating up, unless of course you’re part of Survivor: One World.  Tonight’s episode pretty much went the path of the rest of the season, sans last week when a surprise actually happened.  Kim remained in complete control, Tarzan lost another challenge, Alicia was worked up over stuff, they blurred out her butt despite wearing large bikini bottoms, and Christina acted like she was making moves when she wasn’t.

In the biggest ironic twist of the season, as soon as Tarzan finally did start to play the game (about 5 votes too late), he instantly became a threat and became the girls main target. This was in part to Kim’s fantastic ability to squash the growing fire, and Tarzan’s inability to actually play the game.  He would have been better off just shutting his mouth and letting the girls keep going after each other, but perhaps he was getting bored.

When Chelsea picked Sabrina and Kim for the reward challenge, Alicia was completely fired up and willing to draw rocks if it meant sending Chelsea home.  Instead of letting her take charge, Tarzan opened his mouth and started making the same promises to Alicia that he made to Kim.  Well, once things were settled down, the girls started talking, and he was exposed for his ‘plan’ (if you want to even call it that).

Tarzan spent the better half of the episode trying to convince Alicia to take him to the final 3, even saying that she’d have a better shot at winning it all over him. When he said it, I rolled my eyes thinking he was BS, however when I saw Mike flip Tarzan off after he was eliminated, it makes you wonder.  Did Alicia make the million dollar mistake tonight by not forming an official alliance with the weakest two players in the game?  I am beginning to think she did.  Hopefully Kim at least takes her out to dinner with the prize money she gets this Sunday.

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